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The purpose of sex isn’t just having babies

The purpose of sex isn’t just having babies

I think someone gave this as a reason. Um…where did you get that ? There is also no scripture to back that up.

But let’s point out that in the entirety of the biblical levitical law which discusses many different types of sexual practices, master masterbation is not listed as one at all. It very easily could have been, you can’t tell me people back then never did it.

I feel our sexual struggles are personal, each person will have to discover his or her own strength through them

To me its truely gray space. If you aren’t addicted or looking at porn to get aroused in order to do it, then who cares.

Thank you so much ma , I really appreciate this post , first of all for sharing your own personal expfaverience it encourages me a lot knowing that someone as passed through what am struggling with. And the counsel you gave are really powerful and insightful , thank you so much ma ( Kristen Clark ) ,

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